Start. Eating. Parsley. Now. + Easy Tabouli Recipe

parsleyWhat’s up with North Americans being  soooooo darn scared to try new foods  outside of our comfort zone??  Don’t you find it funny that so many of us are simply terrified to try something new, like its somehow going to make us drop dead if we (gasp) take a bite?

So parsley probably isn’t  the most foreign flavour you thought I was going to talk about (but it is a good baby step towards more intense ones) , yet I think it is so worth mentioning because if you were anything like me growing up, you probably didn’t eat very much of it, except to push the garnish around on your plate at a restaurant, and you certainly would never think of making  a salad completely out of the stuff.  But did you know that in Middle Eastern cuisine, parsley is a staple green that is used on a daily basis, sort of like the way we use lettuce in North America.   Parsley not only adds an intense and distinguishing flavour to their food, but it also has some amazing health benefits to boot, that I think you need to start reaping, immediately.

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Look No Further Than Your Kitchen For The Quickest, Easiest & Cheapest Exfoliation

If there is one thing (other than SPF protection) that you can do for your skin, to make to keep it looking younger, longer- I truly believe that it has to be- exfoliation.  I am sure most of you know what exfoliation is all about (and I fully intend on writing a whole post dedicated to the benefits of exfoliating your skin), but for now, I will simply say that it is one of the easiest things you can do today to give your skin an instant and noticeable glow and refined texture.

Physical exfoliation is literally the process of taking an abrasive ingredient and rubbing it onto your skin  in order to buff away the surface layer of skin to reveal younger, fresher skin (think about how your feet feel after a day of walking on sand at the beach).  When you exfoliate, you will instantly notice how much softer and smoother your skin is- that’s why people often turn to it in the summer to give them awesome beach-worthy skin, but often neglect the whole process altogether in the winter,  as we tend to curl up and hibernate in sweaters and pants.  Well, I am here to put an end to all this neglect!  Let this post inspire you to let this be your first  fall/winter season  dedicated to pampering your skin at least once a week, because there is nothing better than feeling comfortable in one’s own skin.

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Tis’ Time for Fall: World’s Easiest Vegetarian Chili Recipe

IMG_7621It might seem a little early for Fall comfort food- but I honestly think that the moment kids are back at  school and Fall clothing has taken over the malls- something happens, and you start to feel a chill in the air.  When this occurs, I am sure you can agree with me, that there is nothing better than coming home to a piping hot cup of soup or chili.  This recipe is one that I have made over the last 5 years, and I simply adore it, because I customize and change it a little bit each and every time.   When I bring it to work for lunch, I will always get a couple co-workers asking me,  What smells so good?!?  Although you can use ground meat in the recipe, I don’t – first off because I don’t eat very much meat,  and secondly, it tastes sort of smoky anyways which gives it a ‘meaty’ flavour, naturally.   This chili is chock full of  vitamins and minerals from the veggies, as well protein and  fiber from the beans, to keep you full throughout the day.  Below, I also mention my newest way of eating this chili- pureed– which gives it the same great taste, but an entirely different texture. I highly recommend you giv’er a try.

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Da Balm! : Top Tinted Lip Balms On the Market

lip balmsSo we all know that trends come and go in fashion– but have you ever stopped and looked around a drug store and noticed that every once in a while, every single brand (or at least it seems like every brand) comes out with their version of the exact same product? I started to think about the trends that we have seen in the last few years- you know… BB creams as well as CC Creams and DD Creams (see my post about BB creams here!) , Lash Enhancing Serums, Lip-Plumpers,  Oil Cleansers, Nail Art galore, etc. etc.   Think about it.

Well, unless you have lived in a cave for the last couple year,  you’ve probably taken notice that  tinted lip balms are EVERYWHERE-  and I have this feeling that they arn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.  If you have never tried one, then think of tinted lip balms as BB Cream for your lips- it’s a multitasking product that heals, protects (usually with an SPF), moisturizes, and adds some sort of wearable and foolproof tint to the lips- the only real difference between them is how much pigment (ie: colour) you want.

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Why You Should Be Eating The King of All Veg- KALE! + An Amazing Raw Marinated Kale Salad

IMG_7580Kale is one of my all time-favorite veggies.  Okay, maybe not ‘all-time’, as I really only discovered its existence about 5 years or so…but during that time, it has since taken top position in my veggie repertoire.   What I love most about it, is its simplicity and versatility- I adore eating it raw, sauteed, juiced, blended (with other goodies), or baked- plus it is one of the easiest  and hardiest veggies to grow in your home garden (I swear this stuff would grow through a snow storm).  Above, you can see two varieties of kale that my husband grew in our garden this summer.  My personal fav, is called dinosaur kale (it’s the kale with the long and narrow leaves).

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One Of The Many Reasons I Adore Burt’s Bees: Herbal Blemish Stick

product_thumb.phpBreakouts are one of those things that can instantaneously put me in a foul mood.  Something about having a raging red bulls eye, smack dab in the middle of my face, that no amount of well-placed concealer can hide, does not exactly make me cheery…and I am quite sure that I’m not alone.  I have long fought my acne prone skin since my early teens, and although the severity and duration of my breakouts have greatly improved over the years :) – there are still times when I wonder why the hell this is stilllllllll happening to me.  I kid you not, I had this exact conversation with one of my best friend’s the other night (punctuated by a few choice curse words over a few glasses of wine), as to why we are still battling zits, well into our late-twenties.

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A Delicious Long Weekend Indulgence- Watermelon Margaritas

534813_10100686358604377_463595299_nOkay, so you are probably wondering why I am posting on an alcoholic beverage, seeing as this is supposed to be a Health & Beauty blog, and we all know that alcohol is not healthy, nor does it make you beautiful (although you might think you look like a supermodel if you drink enough of it).  But I figured, heck, seeing as we are coming up on a long weekend, and long weekends often involve drinking fun- then we mine as well choose the lesser of two evils and attempt to drink a somewhat (I know it’s a bit of a stretch) healthier beverage than your average super sugary cocktail.

My university roommates and I made this frozen watermelon margarita (to the right of the screen) during our annual reunion last month and I have to say- it’s amazing.  It’s refreshing, light, and the colour is so summery and gorgeous that I just had to blog about it.  We took the original recipe from the PC website, but I have tweaked it below, in order to make it less sugary, and therefore making it (ever so) slightly healthier :)

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Quick Tip: The Easiest Way To Seed A Pomegranate

pomegranate-seeds1As you may have figured from my post earlier this week– I am kind of a major super-fan of the mighty pomegranate.  Not only are they a nutritional powerhouse, but they are simply one the tastiest fruits I have ever eaten.  Unfortunately, pomegranates are also one of the most annoying fruits to eat, as they are a)  tedious to pick through, and b) so juicy that the red stuff often stains my clothing, making me very sad :(

Well, if you find that you are in the same dilemma, let me show you the best way I have found to seed the fruit in about a minute, without getting any stains, anywhere! Yes, the pomegranate Gods have answered my prayers :)

You’re welcome.

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POMtastic: They Don’t Call Pomegranates a SuperFood For Nothin’

pomegranates“You need not spend hundreds of dollars at the cosmetic counter; you can avoid wrinkles simply by placing healthy choices on your plate” – Allison Tannis, M.S., R.H.N

I decided to start off this post with that awesome quote by Allison Tannis, author of Feed Your Skin, Starve Your Wrinkles (a great read for anyone interested in how food makes you beautiful) because I think it is such an important concept that most of us tend to overlook.  I am always shocked by the amount of money some people will willingly spend on an anti-wrinkle cream in hopes that it will bring them the fountain of youth (…but to no avail), and yet they chow down daily on garbage that comes from a processed source.  Where is the logic? Here is the simple fact.  You are what you eat, and what you eat has a major role in how youthful you look.

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Flawless Skin: My Picks For The Top 3 Drugstore BB Creams

Slide1I realize that envy is not the loveliest virtue to possess, but I must say that nothing makes me more green with envy, then seeing a woman with flawless, perrrfect skin.  Don’t you agree that there is something so quintessentially beautiful about gorgeous skin- its flawless, smooth, wrinkle and blemish-free, glowy, and by the looks of it- makeup-free (Ugghhh, just kill me now). To get a better mental image of the type of skin I am describing, let’s look at a few celebs whose skin we should all covet (and whose dermatologist we should stalk).

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