Your Significant Other Will Thank Me: Alba Botanica Very Emollient Cream Shave

vebl-creamshave-mangovanilla8oz-webThere are moments in a beauty nuts’ life, that they find a product that is a game changer.  By game-changer, I mean a product that they discover that literally makes them rethink a part of their beauty routine.  For me, shaving has been the bane of my existence  since I turned 10 years old.  That was the age my mother had the genius idea that I should start getting rid of the hair on my legs, as she was under the impression that it was slowing me down in the water during my swim competitions (probably not the most logical suggestion, but I still went along with it).  Needless to say, from that point on, I have hated everything to do with shaving my legs and anything to do with shaving amenities (i.e: cool new razors on the market, shaving cream, etc.).  None of it has ever peaked my interest.. until now.


This might sound ridiculous, but I am actually head-over-heals in love (yes, love!) with Alba Botanica’s Natural Very emollient Cream Shave 227g, $6.99.


Alba Botanica prides itself on making natural, organic and cruelty-free products which are 100% vegetarian. They contain ingredients from earth’s plant sources…from rich vegetable and nut oils to pure plant waxes to herbal extracts and pure essential oils and are formulated without many toxic substances (so this brand is ideal for those that care deeply about what ingredients they put on their body).  They exclude all parabens, phthalates, artificial colors, propylene glycol, aluminum, mineral oil, petrolatum, oxybenzone, PABA, formaldehyde donors, or Genetically Modified Organisms, the list goes on, from their lineup.  And yes, you can pronounce and probably know every single one of the ingredient on their ingredient list.

Since my discovery of this awesome brand a few years back, I have tried many of their products and have never been disappointed.  They  truly do perform and do exactly what they say on the packaging.  What struck me initially, was the INCREDIBLY affordable price point-  most of their products range between $6 and $15, which to me is right on the money!   So don’t go letting anyone tell you that natural products are always more expensive, because not all of them are.  I also love the fact that the brand carries products for your entire body:  from hair, skin, lip products, body products, and sun care- I personally adore a brand that covers all areas of concern,  especially when all their products are up to snuff.


This shave cream is something out of my last tropical vacation as I am reminded of pina coladas on the beach whenever I apply it.  I am  loving the scent so much that I find myself looking forward to my next shaving experience.   The texture might be a little bit different from what you might be used to, as it does not foam like your standard shaving cream (so if you are a gal that loves her foam, then this product might not be for you…unless you want to try something fabulously new!).  It sort of feels like you are smothering your legs in butter, that’s really the best way I can put it.   It is extremely soothing and the experience of shaving becomes sort of like a spa treatment once you try this product.   The combination of aloe (wound healing, remedy for irritations), calendula (aka marigold, soothing and calming), lavender (antiseptic and anti-inflammatory)  and Vitamin E (protection from free-radical damage, creates a protective barrier for shaving) gives your legs such a moisturizing and close shave that you might not even need to apply your usually body lotion afterwards.

All in all, a major hit in my beauty books. Kudos to you Alba Botanica!

You can find this natural find at Whole Foods, Real Canadian Super Store, most Health Stores, and online.  You might also want to check our eBay for great discounts.



2 thoughts on “Your Significant Other Will Thank Me: Alba Botanica Very Emollient Cream Shave

  1. Well Beth… I typically shave with a bar of soap and my fingers crossed that I will have enough time to finish ONE LEG before one of my children starta crying loud enough to disrupt my shower… But because of this blog, I’m going to try this product!
    Maybe the scent will take me away to a tropical place juuuuuuust long enough!
    Thanks for the product referral – I’m looking forward to more!

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