Dessert For Your Hands: Cake’s Milk Made Hand & Cuticle Buffer

cake-beauty-milk-made-smoothing-hand--cuticle-bufferIt’s summertime people, which means it is time for you (and I) to get our hands and feet looking great because there is nothing worse that putting on a cute pair of sandals and noticing that your feet are in less than desirable condition.  If you are like me, you’ve also probably noticed that caring for your hands and feet are the first (beauty) item that gets pushed to the back burner when life gets busy.   Ironically enough as i am writing my post, my hands are unfortunately, yet, again, in this sad predicament.   If I was smart (and rich) I would be b-lining it to a salon every week to have my hands and tootsies tended to, but alas, this is only  a dream and I am relegated to doing my own mani/pedis when I can find the time.  Something I have noticed lately- I constantly find myself reaching for Cake’s  one-of-a-kind, fabulous, ahhh-mazing, all-round winning product- Milk Made Hand & Cuticle Buffer , $18, to get the job done, super fast.


Cake Beauty not only makes some of the most effective, natural beauty treats on the market, they also make some of the most delectable ones.  I sometimes have to stop myself from actually tasting them…seriously, at times my curiosity can take over.   Cake was launched by its founder, Heather Reier back in 2003 after years of ingredient experimentation in her very own kitchen in Kitchener, Ont. Canada.   One thing led to another, and today, Cake has quite the cult following.  They pride themselves on making decadent skin treats (think: body moisturizers, oils, hair powders, body wash etc. ) with 90 – 95% natural ingredients (like avocado oil and cocoa butter), all while keeping their products 100 % paraben free.  As a side note, I must mention that i am a bit jealous of Cake’s  ‘grassroots’ approach to their business, as I too used to create my own ‘homemade’ beauty products in my kitchen and feel as though I should have come up with this brilliant business idea.


Cake’s Milk Made & Hand Cuticle Buffer, is literally a one-stop-shop manicure/pedicure in a bottle, minus, the polish, of course.  The product has a sugary base on the bottom and an oil layer on top, and comes with a handy-dandy spoon to get the product out.  I am head over heels in love with the decadent scent, which is a combination of fine sugar (for exfoliation), grape seed oil (soothes and gives skin a rich luster), avocado oil (deeply nourishing and reparative to the skin), sweet almond oil (to soften and smooth), and milk amino acids (the lactic acid is another exfoliant) .   It literally smells like cake batter.   So here’s how to use the product: first off, make sure all previous nail polish is removed and then dip the the spoon into the product so that you get some of the sugar layer, as well as some of the top, oily layer.  Massage your hands, while focusing on your cuticles for between 30 seconds to a minute.  The product will start to look a little bit creamy, as the two layers emulsify.  Then wash it off.  I kid you not, your hands will be baby soft from the exfoliating powers of the sugar and the milk proteins, and deeply nourished from the hydrating oils.  Take a look at your hands and you will see a massive difference in not only the way your hands look, but your cuticles will (miraculously) be pushed back and tidy before you apply your polish.  Truly awesome!  You will be hooked after just one use, if not…mail me your product and I will buy it off of you :)

Oh and don’t forget to try it on your feet, for equally beautiful results.

Pretty much sweet perfection, if you ask me.

You Can find Cake Beauty product at The Bay, Sephora, and on their website.



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