DIY- Make Your Very Own Hand & Cuticle Buffer

IMG_7616Being the DIY type that I am, my creative juices started flowing yesterday after I wrote a post on Cake‘s awesome Hand & Cuticle Buffer, so I decided to attempt to create my very own version.  Obviously Cake’s formula smells divine and works like a charm, but heck, I am always looking for an opportunity  to have fun and play chemist in my own kitchen.

The version I created is by no means the same as the original (doesn’t look as pretty, doesn’t emulsify like the original), but it does give you a similar (exfoliated and seriously moisturized) effect to your hands and feet, and gets them ready for polish in no time.    Best of all, it only requires a few ingredients that you probably already have lying around your house, a few minutes to create, and you can make as much as you want of it for future uses (just be sure to leave it in your fridge to prevent spoilage).

Here’s what you will need- this recipe creates enough for at least two full treatments on your hands AND feet!

For the Exfoliating portion:

1/4 cup of finely granulated sugar

For the Oily/Moisturizing portion:

1/2- 2/3 cup of any skin loving oil of your choice (or you can mix them up to form unique combinations), below are some good choices:

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Rich in antioxidants to fight free-radicals, deeply nourishing to the skin
  2. Avocado Oil- Deeply penetrating oil, full of vitamins A & E, also great for healing sun damage ** note: the colour of this oil is green
  3. Hemp Oil- Naturally moisturizing, used for anti-aging benefits and excellent for dry skin ** note: the colour of this oil is green
  4. Apricot Oil- High in vitamins A, C, & E, a light oil that is good for firming and toning the skin
  5. Borage Oil- High in Essential Fatty Acid – GLA, helps to reduce skin inflammation and improves skin texture

TIP:  I would stay away from oils like canola, peanut,  or sunflower, as they are not nearly as luxurious or moisturizing as some of the others I mentioned above.  The oils I did mention, can all be found at your local health food/ grocery store and are pretty affordable for the quantity that you can get- you will have plenty for many treatments.

Extras you can add, optionally (if you have very sensitive skin or are pregnant, please do not add anything else to the above formula):

  1. 5 drops of Tea Tree Oil- this essential oil has naturally antimicrobial/antibacterial properties and fights nail fungus- use if you get nail infections or you sometimes get cuticles that bleed
  2. 5 drops of Lavender Oil- this essential oil is a mild antiseptic and has a calming effect which aids in relaxation and ease tension
  3. 5 drops of any other essential oil that you love

Putting it all together

  1. Put sugar into a small bowl.
  2. Add in oil(s) of your choice  *TIP:  if you are just creating one treatment- try heating the oil very gently before combining it with the sugar, to give yourself an extra luxurious and penetrative treatment- just make sure you don’t make it too hot!
  3. Stir the mixture until everything is combined, the sugar will settle to the bottom
  4. Massage the mixture (over a sink or in the tub) all over hands and/or feet, concentrating on the cuticles for about 1 minute or so
  5. Rinse and towel dry
  6. Bask in the glory of your gorgeous digits and toes

Below is my version- it was a combination of borage and avocado oils, sugar, and tea tree oil,  so don’t be thrown off by the green hue.  It worked like a charm.


A little Green!

For clean up- make sure you clean the tub immediately after you do the treatment, as it will become VERY slippery!

Let me know what you think :)



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