The Perfect Addition To Your Morning Ritual- Why Lemon Water Is Amazing

lemonwaterI know a few people who are Holistic Nutritionists and I swear that everyone of those individuals has told me that the first thing they were taught in school, was to drink lemon water- first thing, every morning, every day. 

Before I even started delving into the reasons why adding this drink to my morning ritual was so beneficial,  I went out and bought a bunch of lemons and started drinking the stuff everyday, as I figured it seemed like a pretty simple, cheap (probably less then 25 cents a day, give or take) and beneficial thing to do for my health.   I have personally always loved lemon water- its’ refreshing quality, its’ zestiness (is that even a word?), and its’ tanginess,  were all qualities I had always adored- but once I got into the habit of freshly squeezing half a lemon into a glass of water each and every day- I noticed something…I felt more energized!  I now drink lemon water in either hot or cold water, first thing when I wake up, before I start my day.  Below are just a few of the beautiful reasons why I think fresh lemon juice in your water will rock your world too:

  1. Aid in Digestion: The citric acid in lemon juice naturally stimulates the liver to create more bile and helps with the production of saliva for better digestion of food;  It is also amazing at relieving indigestion.
  2. Naturally Detoxifies the Whole Body: Isn’t everyone looking for a simple way to rid ones’ body of the excesses of life (think: bad food, too much alcohol, chemicals in our environment etc.)? The high content of Vitamin C in lemons travels easily through your body, destroying free radicals and toxins.   Warm lemon water has been shone to to help the body flush out toxins (just make sure that if you are drinking lemon juice in water for the purposes of detoxification, that you are using warm water – as it helps with the detox process).
  3. Plumps up the Skin:  The skin needs water not only to function properly, but to look young and smooth.  So consuming it first thing in the morning (when we are a little dehydrated after getting 8 hours of beauty sleep..okay, 5 hours)  will help give it a naturally plump, healthy, and hydrated appearance.  Keep the water coming throughout the day!
  4. Fights the Formation of Wrinkles: The skin benefits from  lemons’ high content of Vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant) because it is absolutely critical to the building of new collagen.  Collagen is one of the strong connective tissues that holds your skin together (that, and elastin- the stuff that makes your skin ‘snap’ back).  It is crucial in keeping skin taught, youthful and wrinkle-free. Good things all-round.
  5. Fights Acne: The high Vitamin C levels in lemons not only fend off aging of the skin, but due to its’ antioxidant nature, it has the ability to prevent free radical damage and inflammation in the skin (acne is an issue dealing with inflammation).  Secondly, because lemons are awesome for digestion (see above) and they help support the function of the liver (which is our primary detoxifying organ), it will help clear up acne in the long-run as improved digestion is key to getting your complexion in tip-top shape.
  6. Can Help Fight Skin Cancer: In Allison Tannis’ book: Feed Your Skin, Starve Your Wrinkles, she talks about how the antioxidant/phytochemicals found in lemons, called limonins, have been shown in clinical trials to fight skin and other types of cancer.

Quick Tips

– To keep things interesting (and to live on the wild side) try adding things like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon to your daily lemon water, especially warm water.  Each of these additives are great for fending off colds and infections.  Plus they taste pretty great.

-If you are thinking of squeezing lemon juice into your water and then leaving in the whole rind- think about buying organic lemons, as they have less pesticides on their rind which could end up in your body.  But if you are simply juicing the lemon and discarding the rind,  then a standard lemon is just fine.  Just be sure to always wash your produce either way- to be on the safe side.

-Don’t even think of using the lemon juice that comes in a packaged bottle (I knew you were thinking of it!).  That stuff is full preservatives, sugar,  and other nasty things we don’t want floating in our water, and have the grand total of zero beautifying qualities.

– As per yesterday’s post on teeth health, try your best  to drink lemon water through a straw as the citric acid in lemons will slowly but surely wear down tooth enamel if you drink it everyday.

Let me know if you also LOVE lemon water and what kind of benefits its bringing to your life!




8 thoughts on “The Perfect Addition To Your Morning Ritual- Why Lemon Water Is Amazing

  1. Great post, E. I drink lemon water daily :) Whenever I feel bloated, I look to lemon water as my cure. Just one lemon slice to spice up your life!

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