DIY- An All-Purpose Body Balm That Smells Like Heaven

IMG_1266My dear friend Lindsay must know me too well.  As we were driving up to her cottage for a little R&R, she told me that she had come across an awesome homemade recipe for a Whipped Body Butter, and had brought up the ingredients for us to make it that night.  As we took a look at the recipe, we decided that we should tweak it a bit as we were concerned that the solid ingredients wouldn’t quite whip up into the frothy concoction we wanted. So we took inspiration from the recipe (linked above) and below is the version that we created, which left us quite happy  :).  See, that’s the best thing about making your own products, you can replace, add, or take away ingredients;  and often times coming up with great or even better results than the original recipe.  Trial and error is all a part of the fun!


1/2  cup of Organic Coconut Oil – we used Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-One!  Be sure to get the type of coconut oil that actually smells like coconuts, as some don’t have any scent at all

1/2 cup 100% Pure Cocoa Butter – we used Awaken My Senses Organic Cocoa Butter.  It looks like small white chocolate disks, the stuff you would use for baking

1/4 cup Almond oil- We used Bell’s Almond Oil, but any kind will do

You can also add any essential oil of your choice, but we choose not to, as it already smelled amazing on its own…just you wait and see!

Putting it all together

    1. In a double boiler melt Cocoa Butter, stirring constantly until it is almost completely melted (should take about 2 minutes)
    2. Move the now liquid Cocoa butter into a small bowl and put in the fridge for an hour or so, or until it looks harder in texture.  It can still be slightly liquid in the middle after a good stir.
    3. In a medium size glass bowl, mix the no semi-solid Cocoa Butter with the Coconut Oil with a hand mixer, slowly adding in the Almond Oil
    4. Whip it until it is a lighter/frothier texture- depending on the texture that you like, you might want to put it in the fridge for a little longer
    5. Spoon out Body Butter into a pretty glass or plastic jar (with a lid)
    6. Start using it!

Our Natural Ingredients!


Me, melting the solid Cocoa Butter over a double boiler.


Linds, frothing the concoction.


The beautiful final product :)

This All Purpose Body Balm is a mixture of 3 extremely moisturizing and decadent ingredients (you will want to eat them..but don’t) that will soften and hydrate your skin in an instant.  The texture is initially oily, but it will be absorbed into your skin in no time at all.  Be sure to use it sparingly as you don’t want to run the risk of looking like an oil slick- and make sure you store it in a dry/cool spot, as the emulsified ‘whipness’ of the body butter will turn back into an oil, if heated.  What I love about this DIY recipe, is that is it can be used in a number of ways.  Keep it in a small glass jar by your bed to soothe dry cuticles, chapped lips, dehydrated elbows, or just smother (sparingly, of course) your bod (but wait for it to absorb) before you hit the sheets.  It is especially nice to apply it all over your body when skin is still damp after a shower.

**As a side note,  I want to make mention  that if you are not used to Natural or Homemade  products- that you might be slightly thrown-off  by their texture. Often times, because you are not using synthetic ingredients, preservatives, and emulsifiers,  you won’t get the standard textures that you may be used to in you standard soaps, shampoos or moisturizers. Natural shaving creams typically don’t foam, natural shampoos rarely bubble, and body moisturizers usually will have an oilier texture unlike the creamy ones you might know and love.  They take some getting used to, but you should feel great knowing that you are using pure, plant based oils on your skin and hair, which don’t come with the same risks as using synthetic ingredients in store bought, mass brands.   So experiment, your skin will thank you!

Let me know what you think, and if there are other ways of tweaking this recipe.



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