Da Balm! : Top Tinted Lip Balms On the Market

lip balmsSo we all know that trends come and go in fashion– but have you ever stopped and looked around a drug store and noticed that every once in a while, every single brand (or at least it seems like every brand) comes out with their version of the exact same product? I started to think about the trends that we have seen in the last few years- you know… BB creams as well as CC Creams and DD Creams (see my post about BB creams here!) , Lash Enhancing Serums, Lip-Plumpers,  Oil Cleansers, Nail Art galore, etc. etc.   Think about it.

Well, unless you have lived in a cave for the last couple year,  you’ve probably taken notice that  tinted lip balms are EVERYWHERE-  and I have this feeling that they arn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.  If you have never tried one, then think of tinted lip balms as BB Cream for your lips- it’s a multitasking product that heals, protects (usually with an SPF), moisturizes, and adds some sort of wearable and foolproof tint to the lips- the only real difference between them is how much pigment (ie: colour) you want.

You might be feeling bogged down with the vast array of selection out there in beauty-land, so luckily for you, I have done the dirty work for you (or maybe I should call it ‘pretty’ work!).  Below are my picks for the TOP 3 tinted balms, I think you should try,  before all others :)


1. Maybelline’s Baby Lips Electro Lip Balm, $6.99Baby-Lips-Electro_product-explorer

You know those moments when you look at yourself in the mirror and there is just something missing ?? Well, you probably look a little lack-luster because you’re missing a hit of colour somewhere on your face….probably on your lips.   Well, look no further than Maybelline’s Baby Lips, as this product does just that for your face- it instantly brightens your whole appearance, while keeping your look, natural and low-key. These balms contain the most perfect amount of balm/hydration vs. colour, so  you won’t ever have to worry about looking like you are wearing too much colour.   Although the shades might look a tad bright in the container- don’t be alarmed, as they are all super wearable and pretty (pleas note: I haven’t tried the blue/green shades,  as I am a little afraid of those).  Your lips will be instantly quenched and all evidence of previously chapped lips will be long gone in seconds :) thank to  shea butter and vitamin E, to keep you hydrated for up to 8 hours.   Gals who arn’t so glossy will also rejoice, because unlike a lot of other brands, Maybelline’s is definitely more of a balm texture (ie: satin finish), so you arn’t left with a shiny ‘look at me’ mouth.  I love them and think everyone should give them a try.  Plus, they are super cheap, so buy lots!

Available in 12 amazing shades (Electro and the orignal Baby Lips) – my shade pics:  # 95 Strike a Rose (Neon but wearable Rose), and #15 Cherry Me (Super pretty see-thru Red shade)

Available at all Mass Retailers and Drugstores


2. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm, $7.99tinted_lip_l_ca

In case you didn’t already know it, I LOVE Burt’s Bees.  No really–  I have yet to not fall in love with one of their products- and this one, not surprisingly, is just like the rest.  Not only is it my top pick for the most natural looking balm out of the bunch, it is also 100% natural in terms of its ingredient list.  So, for those of you that really try their hardest to limit the amount of synthetic ingredients they use (especially on your lips), this product is a great choice for you!  This is my pick for those ladies that really don’t wear much makeup, but still want something a little more glamorous then plain old Chap Stick on their lips.   This balm literally gives you just a whisper of colour and is perfect for the gym, or when you are running out the door and haven’t had a minute to check yourself out in the mirror.  It is 100% foolproof I doubt it would even show up on your teeth if you happen to swipe some on haphazardly.   They contain coconut, olive oil, plus shea butter and vitamin E to nourish and keep lips super smooth.

Available in 9 see-threw shades- my pic is the shade Rose

Available at most Health Stores, Drugstores, and Mass Retailers


1. Stila, Colour Balm Lipstick, $22.00stila

This product is not (and I repeat) not for the timid.  Yes, it is technically a lip balm, but it is also partly a full-fledged lipstick.  So, this is the balm I would recommend to any woman that LOVES lipstick, but is looking for a super creamy, fool-proof version to wear on more casual days.  It has by far the most colour payoff in my list of Top Picks, but it still feels like you are swiping on balm because its formulation is soooo creamy, smooth, and nourishing.  You’ll also want to apply it every chance you get, because it has the nicest, most pleasant minty scent- that lasts! The product is jammed packed with organic sunflower-based polyglycerides that soothe, smooth and give volume to the lips (because who doesn’t want bigger lips??). I love the fact that this lip balm has a large diameter, so you only need to use two swipes of the product to cover your entire mouth.  Another awesome feature of this product, is that it has a handy little mirror at the top of the lid, for easy application on the go.   I could go on ….and on…

Available in 17 bright, and rich shades- my fav shade Vivienne (perfect nude spice colour) & Gemma (bright purple shade)

Available at select Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora

Let me know which Tinted Lip Balm you are coveting these days!  I can always add a few more to my makeup cupboard:)



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