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Photography by Jennifer Choy

Photography by Jennifer Choy

Well, hello there!

My name is Elisabeth.  By day, I am a career woman in Cosmetics/Brand Marketing – by night, I moonlight as a self-taught beauty and health nut.  Welcome to The Naturalish, a blog about my explorations in leading  a healthy, beautiful  lifestyle by eating the best food I can find and by hunting for (and recommending) the best beauty products on the market.

My #1 passion is Beauty.   Skin care, makeup, hair care, tooth care (yes, even tooth care makes me excited!), you name it.

I was the weird kid that would force my friends into makeovers using my mom’s makeup and would preach the use of SPF in high school when everyone was doing everything in their power to get that J-Lo glow.  My first real experience with cosmetics came when I was 9 years old and my mom bought my sister and I, some skin care from a brand called Freeman (If you are a female that grew up in the 90’s, you will probably be very familiar with this brand).  I can clearly remember reading ingredient lists, admiring the packaging, and pretty much obsessing over the bottles that promised to do something miraculous.  I remember using their cucumber peel off mask, and I think it was at that moment I became a product junkie for life- I never looked back.

My #2 passion is Health/Wellness, and Nutrition.  It started a little later in life.

It wasn’t really until University that I discovered the power of food and its impact on our overall well-being.  To make a long story short, I went through a depression and my life slowly began to unwind.   I stopped eating (and lost a lot of weight, I didn’t need to), stopped socializing, developed bad acne, and pretty much lost my mind.   I lost all sense of balance and meaning in my life.  It wasn’t until I began cooking for myself again, that I truly realized the power of  food- not only did it make me feel better, I also looked a hell of a lot better. From that point on, I have taken a more holistic approach to beauty- what you ingest, is just as (or probably more) important to your looks as that fabulous shade of lipstick you just bought.  Maybe I am just a beauty fanatic, but I find it kind of amazing that  we can actually improve our looks by simply feeding ourselves amazing nutrients.

It is the combination of these two passions that have led me to create The Naturalish, which is in essence, my public diary about ALL things Health & Beauty related- what I am learning, what I have tested, quick tips and tricks, Do-It-Yourself beauty recipes, and basically the ramblings of an everyday consumer trying to navigate the already jam-packed grocery and beauty aisles. 

I think sharing is a wonderful thing, so please feel free to share your ideas and opinions with me at anytime.  I would also love to hear of any products/brands/recipes that I simply must try.    All ideas are welcome.

I look forward to going on this adventure with you.


A special thanks to my parents for buying me my first makeup set to play with at a very young age and for always supporting my decisions.  And to my wonderful husband who never bats eye when he sees me with a walk around the house with a face mask on and who loves me unconditionally (wrinkles or no wrinkles).  xo

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