My Criteria

Criteria for the any product review, is really quite simple:

1. All products that I review are easily found at your local Health Food Store, Drug Store, Specialty Store, Grocery Store, Department store, or Online.  There is nothing worse than hearing about something fabulous but not being able to get your hands on it.  I will also be sure to always link you to the website so that you can find where they sell their fab goodies.

2. I will try my best to only fall in love with products that are affordable.  That being said, “affordable” is a completely relative term- so perhaps I should phrase it like this. I will only fall in love with products that I believe are “worth” the cost.

3. Because this blog is all about health and beauty, I will focus on mainstream brands as well as natural and/or organic brands (because there are some amazing natural goodies out there and I have taken a real interest in finding out more about these fab finds!).

4.  I will only write about products that I absolutely LOVE.  Not like.  There is so much competition out there with every brand wanting your business- so it is my goal that my product reviews ease your shopping experience.

5.  I will never write a negative product review.  Not because I don’t think there are crappy products out there, but more so because I think there is enough negativity out there in the world, and I am making the conscious choice to only put positivity out there!

6.  I pay for every product featured, and will never be paid to review a product.  If I am given a product and absolutely love it, I will make mention of how I got my hands on it.

** If you would like me to review your product,  please send me an email at the Contact Me page.

Have a great day!