What Are We Thinking?? Why Natural Deodorant Is Probably A Better Option Than Antiperspirant

thLet’s get one thing straight.  Pits are not pretty, nor are they a pretty topic to discuss.  But, considering this is a Health & Beauty blog, I figured that I was in my well within my right to write a post on this important topic- that being, switching over to a Natural Deodorant.  Now, I know most of you are probably already conjuring up images of that nightmarish moment when you are in a public place and  suddenly get a wiff of your dreaded underarms…I can only assume that it will be at that moment that you start to re-think reading my blog altogether.  Well, fear not, as I will attempt not to lead you astray.   This post is not meant to scare you, but to make think twice about what ingredients goes into your standard, everyday antiperspirant.  It will then be up to you to weigh the pros and cons, and decide if it is worth taking the risks.

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