A Cautionary Tale: How To Keep Teeth Healthy and White, Without My Nemesis: Baking Soda

teethOh to have gorgeous pearly whites!  Those glistening, perfect, white chicklet looking things that we are immediately drawn to if they are perfect, and immediately repulsed by if they are bad.  Teeth really are a reflection not only of our oral health- but they can also give away  (gasp!) our age, our grooming practices, and sometimes even more deeply rooted medical issues.

I would like to preface this post by saying that as a young child, I would have done anything to achieve the whitest teeth.  I remember asking my mom how I could get white teeth without using expensive whitening trays and she told me I needn’t look any further than our kitchen cupboard, as baking soda was her whitening tip of choice.  So, for the next year or so I heeded my mom’s advice and began brushing my teeth (sometimes without even the paste, which I cringe about now) by dipping my brush into a bowl of baking soda that took up residence right next to my bathroom sink.  Every day, I watched as my teeth slowly but surely got whiter and brighter.  Yes!  This was like the holy grail of tooth whitening- easy, quick, and cheap, what else could a broke teenager ask for?!

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