The Perfect Addition To Your Morning Ritual- Why Lemon Water Is Amazing

lemonwaterI know a few people who are Holistic Nutritionists and I swear that everyone of those individuals has told me that the first thing they were taught in school, was to drink lemon water- first thing, every morning, every day. 

Before I even started delving into the reasons why adding this drink to my morning ritual was so beneficial,  I went out and bought a bunch of lemons and started drinking the stuff everyday, as I figured it seemed like a pretty simple, cheap (probably less then 25 cents a day, give or take) and beneficial thing to do for my health.   I have personally always loved lemon water- its’ refreshing quality, its’ zestiness (is that even a word?), and its’ tanginess,  were all qualities I had always adored- but once I got into the habit of freshly squeezing half a lemon into a glass of water each and every day- I noticed something…I felt more energized!  I now drink lemon water in either hot or cold water, first thing when I wake up, before I start my day.  Below are just a few of the beautiful reasons why I think fresh lemon juice in your water will rock your world too:

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A Cautionary Tale: How To Keep Teeth Healthy and White, Without My Nemesis: Baking Soda

teethOh to have gorgeous pearly whites!  Those glistening, perfect, white chicklet looking things that we are immediately drawn to if they are perfect, and immediately repulsed by if they are bad.  Teeth really are a reflection not only of our oral health- but they can also give away  (gasp!) our age, our grooming practices, and sometimes even more deeply rooted medical issues.

I would like to preface this post by saying that as a young child, I would have done anything to achieve the whitest teeth.  I remember asking my mom how I could get white teeth without using expensive whitening trays and she told me I needn’t look any further than our kitchen cupboard, as baking soda was her whitening tip of choice.  So, for the next year or so I heeded my mom’s advice and began brushing my teeth (sometimes without even the paste, which I cringe about now) by dipping my brush into a bowl of baking soda that took up residence right next to my bathroom sink.  Every day, I watched as my teeth slowly but surely got whiter and brighter.  Yes!  This was like the holy grail of tooth whitening- easy, quick, and cheap, what else could a broke teenager ask for?!

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Green is for Gorgeous: Why You Should Be Drinking More Green Tea.

green teaFor me, beauty doesn’t just come from a bottle or a pot of expensive cream.  Oh sure, the latest cream on the market or that great new foundation may provide you with some immediate gratification in the way you look- but in reality, I think that long term, ageless beauty, comes from treating our bodies with a ton of respect, by feeding it the most natural food possible and by drinking antioxidant rich beverages on a daily basis.  Unless you have been living under a rock, you are probably well aware that green tea (or any tea for that matter) is a great choice to sip on. There has been so much talk in the media that supports the drinking of green tea in order to prevent a multitude of diseases, including cancer.  But did you also know that drinking Green Tea packs a serious beauty punch as well?  That’s right, you can drink yourself pretty with this tasty beverage.  So before you grab your usual ‘cup of Joe’, consider these reasons for drinking more Green Tea…you mirror will be smiling back at you, I promise :)

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